Survey on traffic flow in campus using Wi-Fi packet sensors

1. The purpose of this survey

To acquire the data of movement of pedestrians and vehicles, our Traffic System Design Laboratory plans to carry out this experimental survey in the campus of Gifu University with the aim of understanding the basic characteristics of the Wi-Fi packet sensor.

2. The method of this survey

We will observe the movement of vehicles/pedestrians by detecting the information of communication equipment such as smartphones, tablets and so on. The Wi-Fi packet sensor can neither acquire the communication content nor personal privacy information such as name, telephone number, mail address and so on.

3. Survey Period

The survey may last to March 31, 2019. We will keep you informed about the measurement points and extension of survey period at any time at this HP. We will carry out measurements at the following points from November 5, mainly for grasping the flow of cars. The survey is scheduled to be approximately one month.

4. Observed data and its handling

i. Detail information of the observed data
In order to ensure privacy, MAC addresses which are included in the Wi-Fi packet sent from smart devices are anonymized by the sensor automatically. It will be converted into an anonymized identification information (A-MAC address). This identification information does not include any personal information, and no individual is identified from the recorded data. Also it does not intercept any communication contents.

ii. Usage range and handling of observation data
In accordance with [The purpose of this survey] described in paragraph 1, we will analyze the observed time, movement pattern and so on. The A-MAC address information acquired through this verification and the information obtained through processing it will not be provided to third parties.

iii. If you don’t want to be detected
The Wi-Fi packet of your smartphones and game machines will be recorded automatically during this survey. Although this survey does not leak personal information or intercept communication contents, if you want to avoid detection by this survey, please turn off the Wi-Fi function of your equipment. The packet of your device will not be detected by the sensor if you turn off the Wi-Fi function.

If you wish to delete the data about your device, please contact us through the following contact address. We will check the MAC address of your device and erase all corresponding data from the observed data. However, since the ‘salt’ at the time of A-MAC address creation is updated every Monday at midnight, we cannot identify the A-MAC address of your device after that. Thanks for your cooperation.

5. Contact information

Transport System Design Lab. Department of Civil Engineering

(Engineering Building C327)